Expand Your Reach

Are you having trouble getting listings? Trust us; you’re not the only one with a shortage of them. This just means that you have to get more CREATIVE in your search for listings.

Referrals are going to be one of your best choices to get more listings. Check back in with people you have sold to in the past and hand them a stack of business cards. Ask them to pass your name along to their family and friends and share their great experience in finding their perfect home with you. Expanding your search through past clients is a great way to add credibility to your work – they know you best.

Are you expanding your market reach? Our go-to tool to expand your reach is mLIST. mLIST is a free mail list through Merrillshop that uses our database to search through 199 million consumer address records to produce a mailing list with the best deliverability rate. You have the option to expand your reach by zip code, proximity or by street address. Watch our video to see how it works!

Leave your face on their front door. Our doorhangers are an excellent tool to introduce yourself to the new neighborhood and show them who the local expert is. Doorhangers market your recent listings, sales or open houses to the surrounding area to get your name known. Plus you’re beating the cost of postage and standing out when other agents are only mailing a generic marketing piece.

Offer home owners a FREE home evaluation with our Home Market Analysis Certificate or leave a stack at local businesses. This is an effective tool to generate listings and to share with them how much their property is worth in today’s marketplace. You just never know what leads that could bring for you!

Be ready to think outside the box and attempt ways that you maybe wouldn’t have normally. If you are able to stand out among the other agents trying to find listings, you are sure to attract new prospects and gain listings. When people do come to you, ask them how they found you. Keep track of the leads and where they are coming from so you know the best way to search for future listings.

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