Have you done your 2014 Marketing Plan?

You will want to identify your goals and determine who your target market is.  This will help you know exactly what your target market is looking for when choosing a real estate professional. The key to success is to utilize all marketing tools.  There are many different options for marketing, but here are five ways that will be most effective in 2014.

  1. Get social! Social media is essential to your business.   The key to using social media to market to your consumers is to catch their attention and engage them early on in their search.  Consumers want to know what is happening so make sure to not only post pictures of new listings, but post information that is relevant and engaging.  If your target market is impressed with your brand, they are more likely to tell their friends about it which generates referral business for you.

    Using social media can be time consuming, so be willing to invest in resources that can drive your brand.  Hootsuite is a site we mentioned in our last post that can help conserve time and you can schedule your posts ahead of time.   

  2. Direct Mail – As online marketing is becoming increasingly popular, do not forget about the effectiveness of direct mail.  Direct mail is delivered to the home of a potential client and will be physically handled.  The benefit of direct mail is that your name will be directly in the eyes of a potential client without having them go search for it themselves.  Direct mail can position you as a neighborhood expert and helps you stand out from the competition. 

    Direct mail should give clients and prospects options to connect with you.  Include your phone number for people who like to make a personal contact.  An email address allows people who prefer everything in writing to contact you.  Try a QR code for those clients that are always on their smart phones. Generate a QR code with Azon Media.

    Make sure to include your URL so clients can visit your website without having to use a search engine to find it.

  3. Article Marketing is a great way to promote your experience, website or blog. The name says it all: article marketing means marketing yourself with articles and it’s easy to do if you know how.  Effective article marketing is about writing quality articles that are useful or interesting to your market, using some on your own website and getting some published on other related websites.   Internet article marketing is helpful for those agents to promote their expertise in real estate.
  4. Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Basically, content marketing is communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. Give them a reason to listen to you without feeling pressured.
  5. Video marketing is one of the best ways to engage with your clients because it can encompass all of the above marketing tools. Thank you, YouTube!  You may assume that creating a video is expensive and time consuming, but as video marketing becomes more popular, there are many services to help you or with the purchase of some equipment, you can create one yourself. 

These marketing tools will be sure to help you be noticed in 2014.  Create a marketing plan now that includes social media, direct mail, articles, blogs, videos and more. Merrill 4 Marketing offers a template to help you establish a successful marketing plan for 2014. Visit our website at http://www.merrill4marketing.com. As you begin using these marketing tools, take notice to what is most effective and what your clients are really reacting to and keep those priority.

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