Build Your Brand on LinkedIn

With over 238 million users, LinkedIn has become a go-to social media platform since the day it launched on May 5th, 2003. Now with reaching 200 countries and territories; I would say LinkedIn is a GREAT place to build your brand. Out of all the popular social media venues, LinkedIn is perhaps the most business-oriented, which makes it a fantastic tool for lead generation and professional networking. To get noticed on LinkedIn, be sure to do the following…

Create a Professional Profile
Two of the most important information LinkedIn let’s you share are the description that appears next to your photograph and your summary. In your personal description, be short and descriptive, for example, “Real Estate Broker” or “Real Estate Professional”. Set your profile to public so it appears in search engine results and those not connected to you can see your profile. Use your summary to describe why people should choose to work with you, including any specific expertise or specializations you have.

Make Connections
 LinkedIn promotes connecting only with people you know, so start building your contact base by connecting with friends, colleagues, associates, classmates or family. You’ll be surprised by the amount of connections that have a LinkedIn profile and are actively using it daily. After making those connections, make sure to endorce them if you think they excel in a certain skill. They’re over 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn.

Build a Company Page
LinkedIn also lets you build profiles for your business. There are over 3 million business pages on LinkedIn. Once you’ve built a strong personal profile create a Company Page. These business focused profiles can help draw attention to your real estate business. Utilize the “help” options LinkedIn provides you with. Your success with this platform generates success for them as well.

Become a Groupie
LinkedIn has 1.5 million groups, ranging from high school and college alumni to major league baseball group to non-profit organizations. Participating in groups can help you stay informed on topics of interest to you and make new contacts in your industry or area. They can also educate you on specific topics ideas you may not be aware of. If you find that some members of the groups are interesting, send them an invitation request and/or message them. Starting a group is also a great way to find incite on the topics relevant to your career. For example, launching a group about home buying tips in your area could position you as the local market expert. Networking is essential in today’s society and business.

LinkedIn has been around for over a decade now and more than 3% of the world’s populations is on it. It started out in the living room of its co founder Reid Hoffman. Since then it has gone global by expanding into Asia, Europe, Australia, UAE and many more countries and supports several languages. There is literally a world out their full of connections to network with, you just need to sign up! It’s FREE!

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